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D22 Connection

Here are excerpts from D22 Connection, the monthly District 22 newsletter. Rosemary Heath writes a column each month with news of activities in our Unit. Here is what she has published on our behalf.

May 2022

Who were those masked (unmasked?) raiders who hauled over 50 GOLD points back to SLO?  We know them as Theresa & David Gillette, Carol Raimondo, Gary Yant, and David Elder.  It was terrific to see Janice and Bruce Scott make a foray into the big tourney world as well.  Very nice showing for us at the San Diego Regional!

This month we are celebrating the reopening of our Arroyo Grande location on April 20.  On Wednesdays there is now a 199 game, preceded by complimentary lessons by super-instructor Tom Snow. On Thursdays there is an open game.  Both had a strong showing this month with many of our players returning to the tables.  We anticipate a steady growth in the number of tables to the large games held here in the BEFORE TIMES.

[A note about Tom Snow… As I’ve mentioned, many of our players are playing on BBO in addition to F2F bridge.  Tom is one of them.  On 4/23 Tom scored a whopping 79.39% and came in first out of 1,208 players.  Quite an accomplishment!]

On Friday, April 22, the SLO club held its first pro-am game in 3 years.  The winners were Howard Gee and Cass Schwartz, and they were honored with the George Sheffield Trophy.  George was a fabulous player and an even better mentor/teacher.  He dedicated himself to helping players achieve Life Master status and was successful many times.  We lost him unexpectedly and far too soon, so this tournament has special meaning to us here.

Speaking of great teacher/mentors, Jim Merzon spent almost a year pre-pandemic, giving weekly lessons at no charge to advanced players in the club, and also mentoring several students.  Now he is offering complimentary intermediate lessons each Monday morning at a private residence in SLO.  Spaces are extremely limited.  If you are interested, call or text Jack Phirman for more information.

The number of games in Unit 540 is growing, and it won’t be possible to continue listing first place winners in this article, but for the last time, here we go:

North County – Fred & Dell, Mike & Anita, Karl & Paul, Elizabeth & Ronald, Jewel & Lillian, Anita & Dell, Fred & Ron, Mike & Anita, Mike & Anita, Karl & Steven

Five Cities (Arroyo Grande) – Claire & Lisa, Al & Barbara, Norma & Lori, Gary & Gayle

San Luis Obispo – Gail & Al, Gary & Gayle, Jim & Rosemary, Gail & Al, John E. & Patricia, Lee & Jim, Cass & Howard, Pat & John J., Mary & Ron

That’s it from the Central Coast.  See you at the tables!

April 2022

Greetings from the beautiful Central Coast,

For those distant observers, our San Luis Obispo club recently had an eventful, (okay, funny) Friday at the tables.  Our club manager, Bill Donovan, in his brave attempt to keep us from getting thrown out of our venue, was emphasizing that every player must be masked in order to comply with our rental terms.  So begrudgingly the naysayers donned their masks and the game began.  But, lo and behold!  During the game an edict came down from the city that masks were no longer required.  This announcement was made to the cheers of the crowd and the ripping off of the wretched face coverings. Some kept them on, but no one cared.  Hurray to Bill and to our endlessly patient director, John J. Fields!  Not easy jobs in this environment, so kudos to you both.

Our games continue to grow each month. We are mostly returning to Mitchell movements, and the SLO club has reinstated its Wednesday evening game.  The long-awaited reopening of the Five Cities club is April 20. Even better, it most likely will include lessons from our master teacher, Tom Snow.

For many years we have had a game in Morro Bay at the Morro Bay Charity Bridge Club.  There is a long history of some of our legendary bridge players competing there, and helping support local causes in the process.  Like so many other clubs, they closed their doors during the pandemic.  Now their board has made the difficult decision to suspend their games indefinitely. There are some beautiful memories from that site that will be treasured, including the yearly competition for the Louise Wang trophy.  Louise helped start the club and at 96 years old is still playing bridge and taking everybody’s money at her retirement community.

Top winners from our club games this month include Carol & Audrey, Carol & Audrey, Carol & Audrey (!), Carol & Gary, Mary & Betty, Mary & Karen, Gail & Al, Gina & John E., Gina & John E., and John E. & John J.  Congrats to all of you.

It looks like we may have a strong showing in San Diego for the regional and look forward to hearing back from those attending. Bring home some gold!!  And good stories!

March 2022

Our unit is alive and well thanks to the fine efforts of our Board of Directors.  Welcome to our newly elected Board members, Dave Elder and Gary Yant.  Check out our unit website for the full list of members.

One of our player superstars, Gail Lapins is also our awards chairman.  Working with the Board, she’s arranged a celebration of our Mini Mckinney and Ace of Clubs winners.  That’s not as easy as it sounds with restrictions at our main venue, but she’s made sure that the winners will get their due, including free play and lunch on March 16.   Thank you, Gail.  The list of winners is available on our website and on the ACBL website.

Last month, I mentioned that the BBO on-line club games are popular with many of our members.  Some of us also play in the ACBL open games which are very competitive, often with hundreds of partnerships.  So, when our members have extraordinary success there, it’s something to crow a about.  Carol Raimondo and Debra Cameron placed 2nd out of 346 partnerships in February with a whopping 72.5%. Congrats!

Speaking of superstars, Helen Seavey, a nonagenarian regularly plays at our club, and sometimes picks up her friends and shuttles them there.  She and Marvin Weitzenhoffer – another 90+ member – were recently seen pulling up to the club in style. Add to that list Genevieve Konop, and Anita Williamson, and you have fine examples of really sharp, experienced players who keep us on our game.  A big cheer for all of our super-seniors.

First place winners this month in our F2F club games are Gail & Al, Gail & Al, Gail & Al, Gail & Al, (seriously?), Pat & Karen, Carol & Charles, Dave & Ron, John E. & Genevieve, and Pat & Audrey.  Well done.

February 2022

Greetings from San Luis Obispo!

My longtime bridge partner, Bud Zeuschner.  gave me a huge bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon for Christmas with a note that said, “If you are going to continue playing with me, you are going to need this”.  What he didn’t tell me was that I was also going to have to take over for him as the writer of this column!

Remarkably, Bud has been writing this column for 8 years. The humor, warmth and thoroughness in his writing were looked forward to and very much appreciated by our members.  It will be a hard act to follow.  Twice Bud has also served on our unit board and was hospitality chairman for our sectional.   Thank you, Bud, from all of us, and best of luck as you take over as our new unit president.

In other news, Deb Cameron, our fearless and fabulous former president and district board member is taking a well-deserved break from her leadership roles, after successfully navigating us through some of the most difficult times in our club/district history.  Many thanks, Deb.  This will probably give you more time to hone your already impressive bridge game.  Beware, opponents.

I am pleased to report that face-to-face bridge is alive and well here in the Central Coast.  North County and SLO are each running 2 games per week. Attendance is up almost every week, and our members are becoming more accustomed to the new, hopefully temporary policies of required masks and bring your own refreshments. Nice to have coffee and tea available again.

Results from the SLO games in January reflect the strong competition from talented players.  First places were across the board:  Floyd & Mary, Gail & Al, Floyd & Betty, Pat & Karen, Pat and John J., Carol & Charles, Mary & Betty, John E. & Howard, Joanie & Rob, John J. and Jim.

Still very popular for our members are the BBO virtual club games in association with the Santa Barbara club, and clubs in Santa Maria, Lompoc, Thousand Oaks and Visalia.  Those are running on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Black points are awarded with a 25% bonus, and the games are only $4.

Tom Snow, one of our highly treasured instructors has been teaching a series of beginning bridge lessons over the last several months.  Attendance has been strong, and I personally have heard shrieks of laughter and other gaiety coming from the mentored play that follows the lessons. Stay tuned for more information from Tom about future opportunities to join the fun.

See you at the tables!